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FAQ's and Covid Protocols

Many of your questions will be answered here.  Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic I have added my post covid protocols here!

Covid Protocols

COVID-19 UPDATE - I have been fully vaccinated and request that you are as well.  If you are not vaccinated you may contact me to explain why and I will consider a session, however, masks will be required.  See my Covid -19 information below.

Here's what I have always done to keep you and I both safe!

1) All played upon surfaces and toys are cleaned before and after each session with medical grade cleaners.  

2) All used insertable toys are covered and cleaned with soap and water and then sprayed with medical grade cleaner.

3) All toys are left out to dry and unused for a minimum of 24 hours, after cleaning with medical grade cleaners. ( I have never offered back to back sessions using the same dungeon room and/or toys).

4) I always wear medical grade gloves, during certain play.

Additional precautions due to COVID-19

1)  Masks are required during session, unless you are also vaccinated!

2) All clients will be required to wash their hands (20 seconds minimum) immediately upon arrival.

3) I will be wiping all common area surfaces (door knobs, light switches, bathroom faucets, toilet handles, ect.) with clorox wipes before and after each session and spraying all surfaces with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

​4) Studio cleaned with an ultraviolet light for 1 hour after each session.

5)  I will be increasing the time frame between sessions using specific rooms, surfaces or toys,  to a minimum of 24 hours.  So all surfaces will not only be cleaned thoroughly,  but will also not be in contact with anyone for a minimum of 24 hours or longer (the virus should not be able to survive this long - even if it is not destroyed by the multiple steps of cleaning - per the current CDC Guidelines).

6)  If you are showing any signs of illness I ask that you reschedule your appointment - deposits may be refunded or used at a later date.

As many of you know, I am also the caregiver of an elderly gentleman, a previous submissive of mine, who has a compromised immune system, so my cleaning protocols are strict and always have been.  I will continue to monitor the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and make adjustments to my protocols if they are warranted​​


Q. I have never seen a Domme before, and I don't know much about this... is that ok?

A. I enjoy seeing novices and helping them to expand their experiences and challenge their desires.  However, if you have no experience, I recommend that you do some research on the web (be sure and read my entire site) prior to attempting to book a session.  It’s important that you have some idea of the things that you would like to try, as it will enhance your experience.


Q. What is your negotiation style? When will I be able to set my limits and discuss expectations/ desires for the scene?

A. Complete, honest and open communication is my negotiation style.  I believe in talking about any and all desires you may have in a complete and transparent way.  Hiding information or not telling for fear of judgement is not conducive to a healthy D/s relationship.  You are required to complete my Application for submission, which allows you to describe your limits and desires in detail.  The application is not complete until you have given a reference (your reference must have a current website and on-line presence – a current add only, is not acceptable) or a request to schedule an in-person or phone consultation. You may purchase either at the tribute page on my website.   Once you have completed and returned the form, with a reference or alternative form of screening I will contact your reference or schedule the consult.  After receiving a positive reference, I will schedule your visit and ask for any additional needed information.  Additionally, there is always time for a brief conversation prior to beginning our play.  In person consultations (even if you have a reference) are the best way to begin a long term D/s relationship as it gives ample time to ask and answer questions regarding desires and limits.


I always respect hard limits and will deny clients who claim to have “no limits” or only want sessions with “no limits and no safe words”.


Q. What exactly will happen at my first session with you?

A. Each session is different, unique, and based upon the answers you provide on your Application for submission, and any further communication we have prior to the session.  For this reason, it is very important that you are honest about the desires you share with me. I will compliment those answers with my own kinky interests and exceptional skills.  Prior to beginning our session, we will confirm your limitations, desired activities, and establish the safety protocol.  We will have negotiated a scenario where stated boundaries are established and will be respected.  I play with safe words and other safely cues, so that if something becomes too intense or uncomfortable, there will be a way for you to effectively communicate this to me.


Then the play will begin!  At the end of our session, I hope that you will feel calm, at peace, relaxed, and perhaps even in sub-space.  A state of natural euphoria, experienced as a result of your submission and the sensations that you have experienced.


Q. I'm not into pain, but I am interested in BDSM, is this still acceptable?

A. Of course! Pain is never necessary for either of us to have an enjoyable experience.  Some of my favorite scenarios involve sensation play and sensory deprivation. Neither of these activities has to be particularly painful. 


Q. Are you available as an escort or provide escort services?

A. Absolutely not!  Any request for such activities will immediately end a session without refund.  If you are looking for an escort/prostitute, look elsewhere.  I will however, consider role-playing as a Dominant Companion in public scenarios such as dinner, films, plays, etc.


Q. Do you do extended sessions?

A.  Certainly.  Extended sessions are available only after a relationship has been established.  This is achieved by engaging in an initial 1 – 1 ½ hr session.  Tribute prices are dependent upon the length of the scenario, and the necessary preparations.  Once you have become an established client, you may feel free to contact me to discuss the details.


Q. Are you accepting petitions for potential 24-7 live in slaves?

A. Not at this time


Q. Do you do any kind of barter in exchange for sessions?

A. At this time, I have no need for bartered services.


Q. Do you also see couples and single women?

A. Oh yes!  I very much enjoy playing with couples, regardless of the orientation of either the woman or the man.  However, I require that the woman contact me after the initial e-mail and prior to setting up the session. Single female submissives are always welcome!


Q. Do you do extreme scenes?

A. I will do some physically extreme scenes, after we have an established relationship, and I know you and your responses well enough to be able to determine that you fully understand what you are requesting.  I will not do anything that I believe will cause serious injury or permanently damage you.  Any extreme play requires trust, and a realistic appreciation of the time necessary to establish such a relationship.


Q. What kinds of sessions don't you do?


*I do not participate in scat play or roman showers (vomit play).

*I do not do permanent body modification - permanent piercing, scarification, branding. They are areas that I have not acquired adequate expertise in.

*I do not do strangulation or bagging scenes.

*I do not do any adult/baby or mommy/child scenarios

*I never, ever switch--so DO NOT ask!

*NO SEX or Sexual Contact


Q. Are you a Lifestyle Mistress? Just a professional Mistress? Is this really fulfilling/ hot/ fun/ enjoyable for you?

A. I am a ‘lifestyle professional,’ and I am passionate about all aspects of BDSM and Dominance and submission.  Therefore my ‘job’ is extremely fulfilling and enjoyable to me.  Yes, I do play personally and often, but only with my life partner.


Q. Can you teach me various techniques and educate me regarding aspects of BDSM and D/s?

A. Of course, and I’d love to!  E-mail me with a synopsis regarding what you are interested in learning.  Is it technique or theory?  Do you have a partner or playmate?  I will negotiate tributes on a case-by-case basis and may provide a playmate in an exceptional situation.

Q. How do I schedule an appointment with you?

A. Simply follow the instructions described on my Booking Page.


Q. Do you ever take same-day appointments?

A. Never for new clients, as my screening process takes several days to a week or more, depending on they type of screening needed to be completed.  Established clients may request a same-day session, however, I have several other professional commitments and am rarely able to accommodate same day sessions.

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