About Me

COVID-19 UPDATE - I have been fully vaccinated and request that you are as well.  If you are not vaccinated you may contact me to explain why and I will consider a session, however, masks will be required.  See my 

my Covid -19 information below.


Covid - 19 Here's what I have always done to keep you and I both safe!

1) All played upon surfaces and toys are cleaned before and after each session with medical grade cleaners.  

2) All used insertable toys are covered and cleaned with soap and water and then sprayed with medical grade cleaner.

3) All toys are left out to dry and unused for a minimum of 24 hours, after cleaning with medical grade cleaners. ( I have never offered back to back sessions using the same dungeon room and/or toys).

4) I always wear medical grade gloves, during certain play.

Additional precautions due to COVID-19


1)  Masks are required during session, unless you are also vaccinated!

2) All clients will be required to wash their hands (20 seconds minimum) immediately upon arrival.

3) I will be wiping all common area surfaces (door knobs, light switches, bathroom faucets, toilet handles, ect.) with clorox wipes before and after each session and spraying all surfaces with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

4) Studio cleaned with an ultraviolet light for 1 hour after each session.

5)  I will be increasing the time frame between sessions using specific rooms, surfaces or toys,  to a minimum of 24 hours.  So all surfaces will not only be cleaned thoroughly,  but will also not be in contact with anyone for a minimum of 24 hours or longer (the virus should not be able to survive this long - even if it is not destroyed by the multiple steps of cleaning - per the current CDC Guidelines).

6)  If you are showing any signs of illness I ask that you reschedule your appointment - deposits may be refunded or used at a later date.

As many of you know, I am also the caregiver of an elderly gentleman, a previous submissive of mine, who has a compromised immune system, so my cleaning protocols are strict and always have been.  I will continue to monitor the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and make adjustments to my protocols if they are warranted.

I am Lady Desiree. I am based in Reno, NV with a private newly remodeled dungeon space on the north side of town. I work 7 days a week from 9am-10pm, pre-scheduled.  I only take same day appointment in Reno for established clients, and it is rare that I am able, due to my other professional commitments.  Same day appointments are occasionally available while traveling, however, SCREENING MUST ALWAYS take place first.  I travel to Las Vegas, Sacramento and the East Bay area frequently.  Occasional travel to Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Portland and am considering trips to Boston and Pittsburgh, click here to let me know which cities you are interested in seeing me.  I travel more in the winter months.  I am available for

hire to travel to other locations as well.


As a Domina with 16 years in the lifestyle, more than twelve of those in the professional realm, my interests are many and varied.  My favorite activities change over time as I evolve with my favorite long-term submissives as well as from interests brought up by new clients.  I am enjoying my continuing exploration of electrical play, both with the violet wand and tens units and am looking forward to combining that with my Venus 2000 soon!

     Bondage has always been a favorite and likely always will.  I have interest in heavy bondage in extended sessions and am working on obtaining additional equipment and tools for such sessions.  Over the last year I have learned to florentine flog and love to practice this skill!

Many of the other activities I enjoy are in list given below, although comprehensive, it is by no means complete; feel free to inquire if you have a specific interest or fetish that you are interested in exploring. While I reserve the right to refuse certain scenarios or particular acts that I feel are dangerous, inappropriate, or simply uninteresting to me, I will certainly consider any and all intelligent requests regarding your fantasies and desires.  


The Lady’s Current Interests:

  • Bondage - Leather, rope, metal. Inescapable, constrictive,                                                            restrictive. Mummification, Prolonged captivity and extended incarceration.

  • CBT – From very mild to intense

  • Fantasy role-playing - Doctor/patient, Therapist/client, Vengeful Secretary/boss     Goddess/slave, Business Woman/client, Teacher/student, etc... NO Age Play

  • Foot/Boot/Shoe fetish and worship

  • Electrical play – EROSTEK 312 and Violet Wands

  • Impact play - canes, crops, floggers, paddles, belts, spanking: OTK, bare, or gloved hand

  • Interrogation scenes

  • Puppy, pony or kitty play

  • Sensation exploration – scratching, gentle caress, hot, cold, stingy, thuddy, kind, cruel

  • Sensory deprivation - blindfolds, ear plugs, gag, masks, hoods, binding.

  • Smothering (clothed) and other forms of mild breath play.

  • Specific Fetish Exploration and Indulgence - foot, shoe, boot, stockings, leather, latex/rubber, corsetry, hair, scent, food, smoking, role-playing

  • Slave Training - For those with an interest in, and aptitude for long-term service and deeper submission.

  • Worship - Foot, Leg to knee, Shoe, Boot - Ass under clothes

What kind of submissives or slaves does the Goddess want?

     First and foremost, I require respect and honest communication from anyone I consider playing with.  It is my desire to play in the light, with our dark energy, in whatever form we determine will bring the best exchange of energy.  I enjoy playing with those with more years of experience than I, just as much as I enjoy schooling a newbie on his first lessons on BDSM.  I love those who have specific needs/desires and can articulate them for me, as well as those who are not exactly sure what they want to experience or have difficulty articulating desires.    Foot fetishists have a special place in my heart (my feet are perfect and always appreciate a good massage and worship session!)  True service submissives, those who are fulfilled by serving the Goddess and making her life more enjoyable and full, are some of my favorite toys.  Masochistic play-toys have helped develop my sadistic side, which I have found is quite powerful and I adore.  But mostly it is about energy and you giving yourself over to me!  Submit!

The Lady’s Schedule

April 7-16 -  Las Vegas - Limited Session Availability

May 17-22 - LA - DomCon 

May/June - Sacramento - by appointment 2hr. minimum pre-paid

May/June - San Jose - by appointment - 2hr minimum pre-paid 

Possible winter/spring visits to San JoseDenver, Pittsburg, Boston or Toronto;

click on your city above to let me know you'd like to see me there.

A dditional Sacramento visits can be scheduled with a 2hr+ session upon request and with a $150 minimum deposit required for all travel.

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Red wall dungeon.jpg


Fantasy Play Sessions:

1 hour $300.00

90 mins $400.00

2 hours $500.00

4 hours $850.00

12 hrs $1800.00 plus expenses

24 hrs $2800.00 plus expenses


In-person Consultations for those with no reference $150.00 ($50 applied to your first session, if you are approved - Consult does not guarantee acceptance)



A $50 deposit is required prior to booking any service

Dominant Companionship:

Coffee/Drinks and Chat (1hour) $80 plus drinks

Lunch/Dinner and Chat (90minutes) $120 plus meal

Dinner and Debauchery (Dinner and 90 mins of play) $650 plus meal


Specialty and extended sessions are only available after an initial 1+hour adventure and/or detailed consultation with 2 or more references.

For your convenience, deposits and session payments can be made directly from
my web site via Venmo @LadyDesiree, or Pay Pal, discreetly billed as LDL Services.    

Deposits may also be mailed to: LDL Services, P.O.Box 60009 Reno NV 89506




*All tributes are solely for my time, education and experience in fantasy play and for the rental of my space and extensive equipment.


NO SEXUAL or ILLEGAL services are offered or implied

Rules of engagement:

NO sex or sexual activities!

No illegal, unsafe or non-consensual activities.

No Adult Baby or Mommy Play

No scat play or roman showers.

I DO NOT answer blocked calls


Booking Protocol


Trust, respect and appropriate communication are key components in this type of fantasy play and are required elements if you with to play with me. 

  • Thoroughly read my entire site prior to attempting to book a session. Make sure that you fully understand what services I provide and what is expected of you. Make any relevant inquiries to me prior to attempting to book a session.

  • Show me respect by following my instructions and completing my booking protocol below.  

  • Show me the courtesy of knowing yourself, you desires and your fantasies/fetishes prior to contacting me.

  • Any requests for a session containing disrespectful, crude or otherwise        explicit language or requests for overt sexual or illegal activities will be deleted immediately.

  • COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW, THEN SEND A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL TO ME AT EITHERladydesireeslair@yahoo.com       or relaxfromwork@gmail.com

  • Iphone Users - Form is not compatible - use this link to apply https://form.jotform.com/92550599604162



As a professional, your privacy is of the utmost importance to me as well. My bookings, confirmation and arrival/departure protocols are designed with discretion and anonymity in mind. Any information you give me is solely for my personal security and to allow me to create an exciting and creative adventure for us both. All information will be kept confidential and secure.



Initial contact is via email only and the booking protocol is required for all clients, prior to attempting to schedule an appointment: 

LadyDesireesLair@yahoo.com or RelaxFromWork@gmail.com

You can also schedule a conversation with me via NiteFlirt.

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