I just finished seeing Lady Desiree for my second session and it was in a word, AWESOME! She is intuitive, creative and oh so gorgeous. She is also extremely professional and organized in her approach to her sessions. I felt like she genuinely wanted to create a scene that was tailored to my kinks and desires. I've seen other so called "professional" Doms who clearly knew nothing about BDSM or in some cases were, um, off a bit. From the moment I sent my first contact request, to the moment I left the play space, I felt completely comfortable with Lady Desiree. She spent some time getting to know me and then created a mind blowing scene that I will not soon forget. The second visit was even better, as if it's easy to top perfection. Her screening process may cause some to give up, but trust me folks, it's well worth it. And having someone who is careful and professional in interacting with their clients makes good sense when seeing a Pro-Dom. If you are a true fetishist and you want to session with a Dom who is beautiful, smart, intelligent and "gets it," Lady Desiree receives this kinkster's highest recommendation!!! 
Mike P.  Nevada, August 2017

I’m a 70 year old sub, have played with pro-dommes over the last 30 years, and had my 1st session with Lady Desiree last week.  I had expressed concerns to her about my ability to take the pain and intensity levels I enjoyed in the past, and was blown away by her ability to test my limits and take me a little further.  Most important to me was that she totally enjoyed every minute of our 90 minute session, as did I.  There was nothing scripted or pre- planned, the session flowed beautifully as she deftly took me to places I couldn’t have expected.  The key to me was that she was having fun.  This was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had, and I look forward to our next session.

Sub M.  Hawaii, September 2017


Mentors...amazing women I have taken classes or workshops from or had the privledge of recieving individual mentoring from. This section temporarily removed due to the new FOSTA law

Colleagues...fantastic women I work with.